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Branding focused on strategy and function for small brands with big visions.

While strategic marketing and custom graphic design are critical pieces of any brand’s long term success, they are often out of reach for small businesses or nonprofits. It’s my mission as a freelance graphic designer to help your brand grow by offering the level of professionalism and work quality found at a design agency but tailoring services to meet smaller budgets and accelerated timelines.

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Expressive, one-of-a-kind paintings that bring life to your walls.

Creating sentimental pieces is at the heart of mywork. Having a custom painting in your home or office can serve as a wonderful topic for conversation and become a family treasure for generations to come. My fine art work focuses on finned, feathered and furry subjects. You can comission a painting that commemorates a favorite animal or select from works available now in my gallery. 

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Julie Wright

Meet the artist, Julie Wright

A proud Texas Tech alumnus, Julie studied graphic design and fine art. In true unbridled Texan fashion, she refuses to focus on one medium and enjoys balancing the commercial appeal of design with the more tactile and expressive freedoms of fine art painting and photography. In 2018, Julie took the leap into a full-time freelance career offering her creative services to both design and fine art clients.