Personal Branding Design

After working in the corporate world for almost 50 years in the tech industry, Mic James decided to leave the desk work behind and embark on a new journey sharing his life story with others. He launched Mic James – Modern Mission and Ministry in 2021. Mic shares his experiences in mission work, leadership, and multiple creative expressions by partnering with churches, nonprofits, and other charitable organizations to inspire resilience, hope, and growth in faith.

We had the challenge of combining all of Mic’s passions and services into one cohesive brand message. Using Mic’s personal signature as part of his logo brought a humanizing element to the design and was coupled with a modern san serif font to establish a sense of strength, professionalism and cleanness to the overall brand. The website homepage was written and designed to clearly describe Mic’s strengths and elicit faith-based organizations to form partnerships with the author, speaker, and artist.

What We Delivered

  • Logo Design using author’s handwritten signature
  • Responsive WordPress Website Design
  • Custom copy for website homepage
  • Blog Design
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