A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The Montgomery County Food Bank collects and distributes food and resources to those in need throughout Montgomery County. They can serve up to 40,000 people in a month and 10 million meals a year.

Serving as such an important resource to the community at a large scale requires strategic marketing and brand messaging that increases opportunities in funding, volunteer recruitment and acquiring sufficient resources. To help spread the Montgomery County Foodbanks’ specific mission and programs, The Studio Zoom went on a series of photo shoots to take photos of staff, volunteers and Foodbank partners in the field. Going beyond showing generic images of canned goods on the shelves of pantries, these photos tell the story that thousands of elderly, children, and adults must make a choice to go hungry or consume cheaper low-nutrition foods simply to survive.

Website Design

In addition to building the Foodbank’s extensive photo library, The Studio Zoom worked with the Foodbank’s development team to help design a new responsive website built on a WordPress platform. By presenting colorful, healthy food options as well as the welcoming faces of its own staff, volunteers, and clients, the new website helps tell the story of why the Foodbank exists and that hunger is a real issue within our community that needs to be addressed in a healthy yet sustainable manner.

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