Building a Brand From the Ground Up

Dickies Arena, Fort Worth’s largest entertainment venue to date is set to open in November 2019. As a multipurpose entertainment space open year-round that can host up to 14,000 guests, building a brand for this new city icon was both challenging and exciting. As the graphic designer for Trail Drive Management Corp., I developed the visual presentations, proposals, and public messaging that helped educate and encourage public support leading up to the Arena’s opening.

Design for Flexibility, Engagement and Longevity

The visual brand needed to be memorable, significant and elegant while infusing the energy and excitement of the future events it would host. Influenced by the building’s art deco style architecture, I designed the base of the brand to be clean, elegant and simplified. With gold, black and white as the base brand colors and custom geometric patterns, the brand is versatile enough to shine on its own as well as take a step back and let the graphics and promotional materials of its events take the stage when necessary.  

By creating sales materials, internal information manuals, corporate stationery and brand standards, I was able to create the foundation of the arena’s identity that would be elevated and promoted for generations to come.