Your Logo Needs Concept, Not Fluff

Between you and me, we both know you are strong, brilliant and an industry expert but the challenge isn’t selling me on your abilities, it’s in convincing potential clients and customers that you are the real deal. Unfortunately your shining personality and your kickass services don’t matter if your logo falls short in making that first impression. Before they even know what you do or sell, customers will make a split second evaluation as to whether or not you’re worthy of their dollar just based on your brand. You need a polished, professional logo. 


So What Makes a Good Professional Logo?

A good logo, for any business should be smart, bold and speak to what you do. Your logo should make others stop, think about your brand and know that they’re going to have a unique experience working with you. Your client wants to know they’re working with an expert and your logo is the first step in creating that understanding.

The most common mistake I see when business owners choose a logo is they want to look like everyone else in the industry. Stop. Just stop. If you offer a unique product or service, you shouldn’t even consider trying to blend in. When I visit the bookstore in search of my next read, I pick the cover that stands out from the rest. Why? Because it spoke to me: “I’m not like the others; my author has a unique perspective”. Whether it’s right or wrong, people really will judge a book by it’s cover and you’re branding should anticipate that.


It’s Easy to be Like Everyone Else

Starting a new business can be daunting and expensive. It’s easy (and cheap) to take some free template feminine logos with flowers, curly fonts and pink palettes and modify it with your company name, but does it really speak to who you are and what you do? Does it look professional?

I can’t tell you how many logos I’ve come across that have floral wreaths, hearts, script fonts and pastel pink and I have to ask… what exactly does this person do? We are now in a world where there are so many mompreneurs, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs that it’s hard to decide who to follow anymore. If you’re trying to break your way into an already saturated industry, you should be fighting three times as hard for your content and brand to stand out from the crowd. So why just be the same?

Work with Professionals to Look Professional

Let’s take my client, Babe’s Beginnings, for example. She offers handmade blankets, headbands and burp cloths in modern styles for babies. Even though the products are exceptional, it’s not exactly a one-of-a-kind product on the market. Hence, the challenge of standing out from the crowd. When the owner approached me asking for a unique and professional logo, we both agreed this had to be different from other feminine logos. My goal working with her was to find a logo that had the soft feminine touch but was refined, approachable and had meaning. The final logo ended up combining many concepts into one simple mark: an expectant mother with child, a heart within a heart, and a large “B” for Babe’s Beginnings. I hate to brag but that’s just a clever logo.

Babes Beginnings Logo

When you choose to work with a professional designer, you are choosing to have a custom brand that is intentional and tailored to your business. It’s a designer’s job to dig in and learn as much about you as possible so that they deliver the best design. This means they’ll ask you some pretty in-depth questions about who you are, who your audience is and what you want to communicate with your customers. This is often times an opportunity for you as a business owner to clearly define the vision you have for your company and find that focus that is so critical to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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