Event Branding - You're Invited

Event Branding & Campaign Themes

Whether it’s save the dates for your next nonprofit fundraising gala or a milestone logo design for your corporate event, your campaign theme makes the first impression and sets the stage for the rest of your event. It’s always exciting to work with clients to find the event branding that┬áspreads the message in a beautiful way.

2018 Heart Ball Design - Event Logo Design
Go Red Patron Party Invitation
Watercolor Wedding Stationery
Floral Save the Date design
Cowtown Energy Group invitation

Complete Event Branding

Once you’ve announced your event and established the look and feel, it’s important to follow through with the rest of you event marketing, website and day-of-experience. From broadcast graphics to wayfinding signage, each piece of your event should be well thought out, cohesive and add to the overall experience.

BEDtalks17 Signage design
Go Red Welcome signage design