Revamping the Encore Live Brand

Encore Live is a one-stop-shop for planning, managing and executing corporate and private events. As Art Director at Encore Live, I had the exciting opportunity to redesign their entire brand. Inspired by a ribbon, the Encore Live logo represents celebration, activation and excitement. It’s not only an “e”, it’s a ribbon, it’s a motion, it’s an exclamation.

Outside the logo mark, the brand as a whole has been revamped from the inside out. It’s been recharged with a bolder color palette, updated typography and a cleaner, easier to navigate website with a more direct, succinct and, at times, playful brand voice.

Encore Live logo comparison
Turn Moments into Memories
Likes to party t-shirt

*Encore Live has recently changed and redesigned its current website to suit the needs of its new business model. The sample provided here is an archived version that team at The Studio Zoom designed and built for Encore Live.