I like to tell my clients to think of your logo as the face of your brand. It’s often the customer’s first impression of a company and is a key piece to building immediate trust and confidence in the brand. With each new logo project, I take the time to get to know the personality of your company and design an identity mark that speaks to who you truly are.

Grain and Dairy Grilled Cheese logo
Encore Live logo
Babe's Beginnings logo
Fish restaurant logo design

Branding Guides, Messaging, and Collateral

The logo is often what comes to mind when you think about branding, but true branding is much more than just the logo. It’s your fonts, your colors, your voice, and all of the other collateral that your business needs to visually represent your company. When you think about it, that could be almost anything–from vehicles, to apparel, to sales brochures, to social media posts and everything in between.